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A.E.Man in 't Veld
Woudweg 5
7381BA Klarenbeek
The netherlands
Tel: 31553660013

 Our Company

A.E.Man in 't Veld B.V. was founded in 1932 by Mr. A Man in  't Veld Sr. In the early fifties our company started to export overseas. Quality is the most important matter by our export. Our company is situated in the center of the Netherlands. After a period of more than 71 years our company is still exporting birds and animals world wide. For 25% we breed our birds and animals by our self the other 75% we buy from breeders in the Netherlands. On our webside, you can get all information concern our activities. When there are questions left or when you want to place an order, please do conact us.

On our premisse we have plenty of space to stock birds and animals pevious to dispatch. Our company is going to move to another place in Apeldoorn and our place will be much larger (nearly 20 acre area) with aviaries and building with inside breeding and holding facilities